Playlist: Noticias, Efemérides y Chismarajo / La Hora del Patas de Cabra

Noticias, Efemérides y Chismarajo. Lunes a Miércoles 4:30pm a 6:00pm por Sopitas.FM

Metallica – Wherever I May Roam

Guns N Roses – You Could Be Mine

Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere

The Risin’ Sun – Queen of the Ball

The Who – Pictures of Lily

Spencer Davis Group – Keep on Running

The Stooges – No Fun

The Animals – Monterey

The Beatles – Hey Bulldog

The Beatles – It’s All Too Much

La Hora del Patas de Cabra. Lunes a Jueves 6:06:06pm a 8:00pm por Sopitas.FM 


Vital Remains – Disciples of Hell

Black Sabbath – N.I.B.

Black Sabbath  – God Is Dead?

GZR – The Invisible

Bullring Brummies – The Wizard (Black Sabbath cover)

Black Sabbath – Iron Man (live)

GZR – Misfit

Black Sabbath – War Pigs

Agony Lords – Writer For the Dead

Black Overdrive – Squash That Fly (Fu Manchu cover)

The Zephyr – Hand Full of Dust

Motörhead – Rock N Roll

Protector  – Delirium Tremens

Slayer – Raining Blood (live)

Heathen – Dying Season

Testament – A Day In the Death

Down – Bury Me In Smoke