¡Que nos agarren! Ya llegaron los M&M’s Orange Vanilla Cream

Quien diga que no le gustan los M&M’s miente y si no miente, que se vaya de aquí ahora (ok, sólo bromeamos). Para aquellos que disfrutan de estas deliciosas lunetas y que celebran cada que se lanza un nuevo sabor, tenemos noticias: llegó el “Orange Vanilla Cream M&M”.

Tonight’s review at JunkBanter.com! (Or apparently “JunkBanter.co because I cut off my own image! 🤦🏻‍♂️) Anyway the link is on my profile page and in my IG story! Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat 👻: junkbanter. If you’ve tried this product, share your thoughts below! (Exclusive flavor at Dollar General)

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Con la llegada del verano a unas semanas, M&M’s quiso sacar una nueva versión de su chocolate. En esta ocasión se trata de un sabor a helado de naranja y vainilla y ya morimos por probarlos.

De acuerdo a Hello Giggles, aunque a primera instancia no suena tan apetitoso este nuevo sabor, los chocolates realmente saben a helado… su único inconveniente es que conseguirlos no es cosa fácil, pues sólo podrás comprarlos en Dollar General, una cadena de supermercados de Estados Unidos. Aunque siempre puedes buscar en eBay.

Look at @dollargeneral coming through with its own exclusive M&M’s flavor: 👏🏼 Brand new Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s with white chocolate are available now. Creamsicle is a smart and fun flavor as we head deeper into spring. Clearly too cold for Orange’s teeth. I hope I don’t share a similar look of regret when I try these. Review on blog soon!

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Estas lunetas tienen chocolate blanco blanco en su interior, mientras que la parte crocante que lo recubre sabe a cáscara de naranja.

Thanks to @junkbanter’s glowing recommendation of these new Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s, I had to be on the lookout for these after work. Lo and behold, only took two Dollar Generals to procure a handful of bags. Yeah. You heard right. This flavor is exclusive to Dollar General. Of course. The finding one of these in our area is not the difficult part. Hell. You could swing a dead cat and hit one within a five mile radius. The difficult part is finding these exclusive products. I’m two for three. Couldn’t get a hold of the Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos but that’s another story for another day. Let’s focus on the current product here and these..oh my Gentle Jesus, these M&M’s. These are undeniably, undoubtedly and unequivocally the best fucking M&M’s on the market today. Best Limited Edition by far and better than any other flavor. What you have here is a white chocolate filling with a citrus orange shell. Not too sweet and the flavor mellows out in a creamy symphony of creamsicle flavor that is absolutely godly. They did not just hit it out of the park here. They did so and busted a line of car windows out in the process. These deserve all the praise. All the Hoopla. Find these. You won’t regret it. But about finding them? Yeah. If you’re in my neck of the woods, good luck with that. I’ll probably buy them out and deny you people the pleasure. I do have a knack for finding this shit after all. #Food #JunkFood #JunkFoodJunkie #Sweets #FoodPorn #Instafood #Mars #MAndMs #Creamsicle #Beetus #DollarGeneral

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Si de plano probar estos suculentos chocolates no te emociona nadita, en M&M’s te permiten hacer sugerencias de cuál debería ser el nuevo sabor así que, ¿cuál se te antoja?

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