El famoso hacker George Hotz, aseguró en un extraño comunicado de prensa que había conseguido hackear el PlayStation 3 (PS3) de Sony… ¿Para qué? nomás pa joder a a los creativos de Sony:

To quote: “Hello hypervisor, I’m geohot. I have full read/write access to the entire system memory, and HV level access to the processor. In other words, I have hacked the PS3. The rest is just software. And reversing. I have a lot of reversing ahead of me. Took 5 weeks, 3 in Boston, 2 here, very simple hardware cleverly applied, and some not so simple software. Shout out to George Kharrat from iPhoneMod Brasil for giving me this PS3 a year and a half ago to hack. Sorry it took me so long 🙂

As far as the exploit goes, I’m not revealing it yet. The theory isn’t really patchable, but they can make implementations much harder. Also, for obvious reasons I can’t post dumps. I’m hoping to find the decryption keys and post them, but they may be embedded in hardware. Hopefully keys are setup like the iPhone’s KBAG.

A lot more to come…”

Hotz se hizo famoso a los 17 años, cuando consiguió hackear el sistema del iPhone, que en ese momento sólo podía utilizarse a través de la red de ATT&T en Estados Unidos.

Y para todos nuestros amigos, a tan sólo un click de distancia y ya completamente actualizado, tenemos el trabajo de Hotz para hackear el PS3.